Pet Tag Silencer

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The Original Neoprene Pet Tag Silencer makes life better for you and your dog! Here are some reasons why...

#1 Simply put, Tag Noise Sucks! Light sleepers, sleeping babies, bird hunters, joggers and others will surely agree.

#2 Tag Noise attracts unwanted attention from other dogs. The reason yard dogs charge the fence and bark at you is because they can hear your dog's tags! Quiet Spot is the cure.

#3 Quiet Spot keeps the information from wearing off your dog's ID tags, so you don't need to buy new tags every year. It pays for itself!

#4 Quiet Spot eliminates unsightly "Tag Tarnish" on the necks of white or light-colored breeds (that's why groomers love us).

#5 Quiet Spot installs in seconds, and features a genuine 3M Scotchlite reflective logo for safer walking after dark.

#6 Quiet Spot allows Seeing-Eye and other service dogs to focus on their job, and remain unmolested by loose dogs attracted by tag noise.

#7 Quiet Spot puts cats and squirrels at a distinct disadvantage (just kidding...sort of).

#9 Quiet Spot is completely weatherproof, Neoprene gear in fashionable colors, and can be left on your dog year-round, 24-7.

#10 Quiet Spot gives your dog a stealth quality, which is great for home-officers who don't want their clients to know there is a happy dog at their feet.

Dimensions: 2" High, 1 1/2" Wide


Pet Tag Silencer





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