Donut Beds
& Ortho Inserts

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Yummy and comfortable, cats and dogs alike will love these beds and you will too!
All beds are 100% wash and dry! All filling is nontoxic.

The beds are great for all pets and especially kind to older pets needing extra stability and padding for comfort.

Recommended pet weight to size for beds:

X-Small bed for pets under 10lbs
Small bed for pets 10-19 lbs
Medium bed for pets 20-39 lbs
Large bed for pets 40-59 lbs
X-Large bed for pets 60+ lbs - can handle the largest of dogs!



Perfect for older pets, very large dogs, or pets with medical issues.
2" thick ortho foam with chocolate brown twill washable cover.
Goes underneath the pillow insert of the donut beds listed below.




X large






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acorn capp treats



Cappuccino Treats


choc bones driftwood

Chocolate Bones


Driftwood Linen


espresso herringbone





taupe herringbone pewter bones

Taupe Herringbone


Pewter Bones


storm river rock

Storm Linen


River Rock


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X Small Diamond Donut Bed 17X22

Small Diamond Donut Bed 22X28

Medium Diamond Donut Bed 27X36
Large Diamond Donut Bed 33X42

X Large Diamond Donut Bed 36X52





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